The Matrix Resurrections: Trailer Talk

The Matrix Resurrections: Trailer Talk

I first heard about the development of ‘The Matrix 4’ a few years ago, when the possibility was just rumours. At the time, I didn’t see the point in a new film; the trilogy, while not perfect, felt like it had been completed. But, on the 19th of August last year, ‘The Matrix 4: Resurrections’ was officially announced, and the film’s first trailer arrived on the 9th of September.

For the first time in my weekly ‘Trailer Talk’ feature, I will not be including a synopsis because an official one has not been released, and the trailer doesn’t give away the plot. But it does see Keanu Reeves return as Neo, as well as Carrie-Anne Moss reprising her role as Trinity. After watching the trailer, I think Neo has been placed in a new reality after the ending of ‘Matrix Revolutions’ to keep him contained, hence the scenes that see him taking the blue pill. But, after reuniting with Trinity and meeting new characters, they decide to break out of this matrix. Again, this is not an official synopsis; just my thoughts on what the plot might be based on the trailer.

While it looks visually amazing, it does also look like a reboot of ‘The Matrix’ as well as an apology for the last two films. A lot of the aspects in this trailer are a modernized version of what we’ve seen already: the red and blue pills, a new Morpheus, an Agent Smith-like character, bullet time and even a martial arts scene with Neo. It looks visually incredible, yet nothing new.

I didn’t see the point in ‘The Matrix 4’ before the trailer came out, and I still don’t see the point in this film’s existence. It looks visually amazing but also feels like a reboot. However, I can also admit, after everything is said and done, that I will probably see this in cinema when it’s released. After the last two films disappointed me, it’ll be nice to have this entry redeem the franchise. 

‘The Matrix 4: Resurrections’ is in cinemas 22nd December 2021. 


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