The Nest: Review

The Nest: Review – Meg (Maple Stuttles) is a little girl with separation anxiety. Her mother, Beth (Sarah Navratil) is a recovering drug addict and after she got clean, she comes back to reconnect with her daughter, the trouble is that Meg is worried that her mother will leave her again.

So, one day while browsing a garage sale, Meg falls in love with a stuffed, wide eyed teddy bear and the owner, a creepy old man, gives her the teddy bear as a gift. Little does Beth or Meg realise, but the teddy bear holds a nest of ants which start to have a serious affect on Meg’s young mind and before her family realise it, the parasitic insects come for them as well.

The Nest is a horror creature feature which harkens back to an earlier time in horror where it seemed like every new horror needed a creature of the month. Movies like Invaders from Mars, The Stuff and Basket Case were all the rage and have become cult classics, so if that’s your kind of thing then you know what to expect from The Nest.

Dee Wallace, the queen mother of horror even plays Meg’s grandmother, which will give the audience that nostalgia for the kind of horror they just don’t seem to do anymore.

There are many things to like about The Nest, it’s certainly the kind of horror where the audience knows what to expect and the typical signs are there, although the audience may have to connect some of the dots so that it makes sense.

Maple Stuttles does a good job of both being cute and menacing when she needs to be and the scenes between her and her on screen mother are very good and help with their emotional connection. Also, there’s enough here to delight fans of high concept horror with particular detail in a scene which reveals one of the little bugs in all its glory.

However, there perhaps should have been an ultimate goal for the invading arthropods and it feels like transporting their nest in a teddy bear in hopes of infecting an innocent family may have not been all that efficient. Just don’t think about the finer details too much though and you’re bound to enjoy The Nest.


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