The Hunter Anthology: Review

Mac (Taylor August) is a demon hunter and his latest hunt takes him into the subway. There’s already a small group of people waiting to go about their day when the train suddenly stops and Mac reveals his true intentions.

He believes that one of them is a demon and he’s going to have to look into their souls to reveal who the demon is and stop them before they continue their evil rampage. However, the group are all holding dark secrets and so as each story plays out, Mac discovers that these seemingly innocent people have pasts that are bubbling beneath the surface.

The Hunter Anthology is a short anthology series written and directed by Robert Smithline that seemingly pays homage to anthology series from the 90’s that were very short lived, low budget and were only really made to fill the schedule until something better came along.

With its obviously low budget, Smithline’s scripts have to make up for it and besides some shoddy special effects, the stories may be the thing that draws in the audience. Unfortunately, although The Hunter Anthology may be taking inspiration from less than top quality work, it’s unclear as to whether it’s a parody or whether it’s truly sincere.

There are stories such as a woman who takes revenge on a tarot reader for ruining her sister’s life, a couple taunted by a demon who they spy on a security camera and even a man who may or may not be trapped inside a hospital for the mentally ill.

The trick is to work out whether the makers of the series really think that the series is a masterpiece or whether the stories are so exaggerated that they’re meant to be funny. A particular highlight is a story about conjoined twins that’s so over the top that it becomes funny and is probably the most memorable one.

To casual viewers, The Hunter’s Anthology may just be a badly made, badly acted series that they probably should waste their time with. However, some people might get a kick out of it because it’s slightly reminiscent of a late-night TV show that they may have accidentally started watching so long ago.


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