Last Call: The Shutdown Of NYC Bars – Review

Last Call: The Shutdown Of NYC Bars – Review. It’s been quite a year and a bit as of writing this review and there have been many people who have been affected in many ways over the long months that led us to this point. There have been many people who have had to give up their entire lives and had to learn to survive in many different ways.

Some of those people have been successful and some have not. There are entire industries that relied solely on human interaction and the bars, pubs and clubs of the world are where we all gathered to share our moments and will hopefully be able to do so once again.

Last Call: The Shutdown of NYC Bars is a documentary about a group of people whose lives and livelihoods relied on being around other people and giving them a place where they could have fun, relax and unwind. However, if the past year has taught us anything, it’s that we take things for granted and things can be suddenly snatched away at a moment’s notice.

Last Call follows the people in Queens, New York who have all been affected in some way or another by the pandemic and using interviews with each of them, it dissects and explores their thoughts and feelings while going through our worst time in living memory.

The documentary starts out talking about the friends, family and community that is all experienced by those who work in the bars. They call it the third place, somewhere that sits between work and home where you can relax and be around the people you love. Because their work is so much more than that and the experiences that they have working in bars give them a perspective on life that nobody else could get.

However, Last Call is so much more than just about people who have lost their salaries as many of them talk about their thoughts and feelings to which many of us could relate. Although, there are some that see this time as a way to find new opportunities. After all, those times where we said we wish we could do something if we had the time – now we really do have that time.

So, Last Call may not be the end of the bar industry and it shows that there may be hope. We just have to all sit tight, think of each other and look forward to better things.


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