We All Think We’re Special: Review

We All Think We’re Special: Review.

Charlie (Jared Bankens) and Ed (William McGovern) are best friends and have known each other since they were children. They’re as close as friends can be and have been there for each other ever since Ed came out about his sexuality and when Charlie’s mother died. Charlie has been left his mother’s house in her will, so Charlie and Ed spend a lot of time together although most of that time is spent drinking and messing around.

Then one day Charlie is told that the house has been put up for sale as he’s been letting his responsibilities go, however Charlie isn’t going without a fight and objects to this decision. The trouble is that Charlie is an alcoholic and so unless he sobers up then he’ll lose everything.

So, seeing no other option, Ed decides that his best friend has to go through detox to get it out of his system – no matter how hard that will be.

We All Think We’re Special is an intense and realistic drama directed by Kirby Voss and co-written by Felicity Stallard. Taking inspiration from real life accounts, We All Think We’re Special feels as real as it possibly could be, not only with the things that Charlie goes through, but also through the dialogue and performances from Bankens and McGovern.

Both actors give great performances and their chemistry makes it really feel like they’ve been friends for over 20 years. There are light, funny moments that start out in the film, but as Charlie’s withdrawal symptoms get worse, the tension between Charlie and Ed get worse and both actors deliver on all levels.

The look of the film is particularly striking as it’s beautifully lit and Voss’s direction accompanied by an orchestral score keep the intensity going throughout. As the film goes deeper, it not only explores the effects of alcoholism, but the causes as Charlie recounts his childhood and the flashes of images arrive like resurfacing memories.

Although the ending may be different in tone from the rest of the film, We All Think We’re Special is a unique and rewarding character study that will keep audiences captivated.


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