Road Head: Review

Stephanie (Elizabeth Grullon), Alex (Damian Joseph Quinn) and Bryan (Clayton Farris) are mutual friends on a road trip to the Mohave Desert. Bryan knows about the whereabouts of a beautiful lake and wants to have a good time there and get away from it all. Unfortunately, by the time they get to the location of the lake, it’s all dried up. So, the trio find themselves in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do and worst of all, they find a couple of severed heads in their path. Not to mention that there’s a man dressed in Medieval chain mail and wielding a sword who is intent on killing them.

Road Head is a horror comedy directed by David Del Rio and written by Justin Xavier. The premise for Road Head seems like a great idea, three friends head out into the desert and find themselves faced with a serial killer.

It conjures up the idea that they’re in a dry, isolated and yet wide-open expanse and they have nowhere to hide. However, as with a lot of horror movies Road Head has its flaws due to the characters and the script.

When the three friends initially find their assailant, they are confused and frightened as anybody else would be. However, through a series of stupid decisions they find their situation getting worse and it seems that there should have been an easy solution.

Although this kind of thinking is often half the fun of horror movies, Road Head doesn’t even seem to be aware of this, leaving the audience not really caring about them.

Road Head may have a funny script and there are some great lines from Elizabeth Grullon who is in the majority of the film, but it all feels a bit shallow and only gets stranger as it goes along. By the end of the film there may have been things that happen between the main characters that give them a little more depth, but it all comes a little bit too late.

The unusual events of the movie feel like they were half thought out and some things like Stephanie’s boyfriend appearing from her subconscious don’t fit with the rest of the movie. Road Head is a silly horror comedy that’s bound to raise a few smiles, but in the end the audience will have to wonder what was the point of it all.


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