Caveat: Review

Isaac (Jonathon French) is a lone drifter suffering from partial memory loss. He has no prospects, no future, no family or friends that he can think of and he has nowhere to go. Then one day he accepts from his old landlord in an abandoned house on an isolated island where his niece, Olga (Leila Sykes) is being kept.

Olga has seemingly had a psychological break and has gone into a catatonic state and seeing as Isaac has nothing else to his name, he accepts the job without question. Although the rules of his stay are a little unusual.

Caveat is an Irish horror movie written and directed by Damian McCarthy in his directorial feature debut. Impressively directed for a first feature, McCarthy already seems to know exactly how to direct a horror movie and how to keep the tension throughout.

Caveat creates a sinister, slightly off kilter atmosphere and doesn’t let go until the very last second. Although his style of slow burn, cautious horror may not be for everyone. Those looking for a violent gore fest with jump scares may want to look elsewhere, but for those who want to see a horror movie that’s a little bit different from all the rest then Caveat may satisfy them.

There’s just something special about Caveat that sets it apart from the rest and it’s hard to put a finger on exactly what that is. It may be the unique setting and original story, it could be the way that it’s shot and how it pulls in its audience, it may even be the sparing use of the mechanical rabbit with a drum that seems to have a deep connection with Olga.

Either way, Caveat is the type of horror movie that many have never seen before and it’s all the better for doing something so different.

All the cast do well and without any scenes that overly explain the plot, a lot of the movie has to do with their actions. Isaac becomes increasingly more afraid of his surroundings and French’s performance portrays that well, right up until the end. Those looking for a neat and tidy ending may be disappointed, but Caveat may stay with them long after it has finished.


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