Embryo: Review

Evelyn (Romina Perazzo) and Kevin (Domingo Guzmán) are on a romantic camping trip so they can get away from it all. They zip up their tent at the end of a day of hiking and go to sleep after a wonderful day. However, during the night Evelyn is abducted by aliens and the next morning Kevin finds her in the forest naked and covered in alien goo.

He takes Evelyn to the doctor as Evelyn is also complaining about stomach cramps, but while the doctor is examining her, Evelyn realises what she’s starting to crave – human flesh. Also, there may be something growing inside her which needs to be fed.

Embryo (or Embrión) is a Chilean science fiction horror which mixes found footage alongside its higher concept storyline. Reminiscent of Nineties sci-fi horror, Species, Embryo takes nearly the same plot. Except this time Evelyn’s loving boyfriend wants to get her help so she can overcome the alien host.

There are also times during the movie where the audience is shown found footage of other women that have been abducted and the footage follows them right up until their abductions. The problem with this is that it unfortunately diverts the movie away from the main story, which unsuccessfully mixes together two subgenres of science fiction horror.

On the one hand there’s a story of a seductive woman taken over by an alien force which will do anything to stay alive. Then on the other hand there are stories of different women being abducted at different times.

Not only do these styles not gel so well, they seem like completely different movies with the latter sometimes coming across as unintentionally funny when trying to do alien special effects.

For all its cheesiness and predictability, Embryo is nothing new really and the cast seem to know this. Both Perazzo and Guzmán give suitably over the top performances. Perhaps even when the director wanted them to take it more seriously. However, for those who want to watch a low budget sci fi horror that delivers more blood and guts than Species, Embryo may be just what you need.


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